Recording Engineer, Audio Mixer & Musician

TANGIENTS – “White Foam”
Be Hussey – Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Bass, Keyboards, Video Editor

RADAR BROTHERS – “If We Were Banished”
Be Hussey – Bass / Co-Producer

CARLOS NIÑO & FRIENDS – “Trance Elation of Tranceformance”
Be Hussey – Featured keyboard

RADAR BROTHERS – “House Of Mirrors”
Be Hussey – Bass / Co-Producer

GUIDES – “Leave Me Alone” Featuring Kristeen Young
Be HusseyVideo Director, Video Editor, Bass, Engineer, Producer, Mixer

GUIDES – “Pictures On Pictures”
Be HusseyVideo Director, Video Editor, Bass, Engineer, Producer, Mixer

RADAR BROTHERS – “Reflections”
Be HusseyVideo Director, Video Editor, Bass, Engineer, Co-Producer, Mixer


As a recording and touring musician, Be Hussey recently started the Los Angeles 2-piece post-punk/shoegaze group TANGIENTS as bassist/guitarist/keyboard/producer. TANGIENTS continues Be’s pursuit of swirling sonics and ambient textures, this time accompanied by haunting yet beautiful vocals. The debut single “White Foam,” was released on 4/13/18 and features his bass playing, synth work, and production as well as video editing. The band was formed during the dissolution of GUIDES who released two EPs in 2015/16, which he recorded and produced. Be has toured internationally as a member of Radar Brothers (Merge Records) between 2008 and 2014. As a member of Joshua Tree’s Earth Moon Earth, he has supported Skye & Ross (Morcheeba) on last year’s west coast tour and played on their debut full-length (2018). Be is also a touring bassist for Haunted Summer (whose new album he mixed at comp-ny), and he has released several records on various independent record labels.

As an engineer/producer, Be Hussey has been recording since the late 1990s, and founded the recording studio comp-ny upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2003. He won a Latin Grammy for Best Engineered Album in 2016. His passion for recording music can be traced back to when his first real band recorded their debut record with engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) in his home studio in Chicago.

As a designer, Be Hussey has worked as a specialist in Interactive Design and Art Direction for over 15 years with a variety of musicians and entertainment companies (E! Entertainment, MGM, Sony Pictures, G4, Style Network, Warner Bros., Disney). He was a one-man “agency of record” for the first year of Ghostly International, one of today’s most creative and prolific independent record labels, co-creating the Spectral logo and early 12″ designs as well as version 1.0. In addition, Be has worked on several record and LP package designs, and was responsible for over 75 screenprinted posters for music promoters in the 1990s.

Be Hussey, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter
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TANGIENTS – “White Foam”
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GUIDES Featuring Kristeen Young – Single
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Vulfpeck – “Thrill Of The Arts”
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Brendan Eder Ensemble
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