Drinks (Cate Le Bon & White Fence) – “Hermits On Holiday” Single Released

Drinks is the new duo of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley.

Hermits On Holiday is out 8/14 on Heavenly Recordings.

Listen here on Stereogum

2015 So Far

EAGULLS- Part Time Punks live session with Be Hussey

HIBOU- Album mixing with Drew Fischer

GUY BLAKESLEE- Recorded/Mixed with Drew Fischer

MIGUEL ATWOOD-FERGUSON- Lots of string recording with Be Hussey for a variety of artists posted soon

VULFPECK- No headphones, analog recording with Be Hussey and Drew Fischer

S.A. BACH- Recorded/Mixed a two-day, all-analog EP with Be Hussey


Nic Hessler – “Soft Connections” Released

Drew Fischer mixed this earlier this year. Great record. Check it out.


Latest Projects

Recent studio happenings:

DRINKS (CATE LEBON / WHITE FENCE)- Recording a new record together with Rob Barbato and Drew Fischer at the helm

THE WEDDING PRESENT - Part Time Punks live session with Be Hussey

DUCKTAILS (Domino) – Recording and production with Drew Fischer

HISTORIAN (Gazelle Recordings)- Full album production with Be Hussey

LUKE TOP - Mixing with Drew Fischer

HAROULA ROSE - Tracking and mixing with Drew Fischer

FMLYBAND – Mixing singles with Drew Fischer

ARIANA DELAWARI – Mixing their new duet record with Salar Nader, Be Hussey at the controls

Kevin Morby – “Still Life…” Released

New album by Kevin Morby released. Produced by Rob Barbato here with Drew Fischer at the controls.

Read the Pitchfork Review

More info here