Latest Projects

Recent studio happenings:

WHITE FENCE / CATE LEBON – Recording a new record together with Rob Barbato and Drew Fischer at the helm

THE WEDDING PRESENT - Part Time Punks live session with Be Hussey

DUCKTAILS (Domino) – Recording and production with Drew Fischer

HISTORIAN (Gazelle Recordings)- Full album production with Be Hussey

LUKE TOP - Mixing with Drew Fischer

HAROULA ROSE - Tracking and mixing with Drew Fischer

FMLYBAND – Mixing singles with Drew Fischer

ARIANA DELAWARI – Mixing their new duet record with Salar Nader, Be Hussey at the controls

Kevin Morby – “Still Life…” Released

New album by Kevin Morby released. Produced by Rob Barbato here with Drew Fischer at the controls.

Read the Pitchfork Review

More info here

July – September Projects

Recent studio happenings:

NIC HESSLER / CATWALK (Captured Tracks) – Recording some drums and mixing to tape by Drew Fischer

GIRLPOOL – Rob Barbato and Drew Fischer recorded their new single

CRAFT SPELLS (Captured Tracks) – Part Time Punks live session with Be Hussey before their show at The Echo

JESSICA PRATT (Drag City) – Here doing some “pre-mastering” to 1/4″ tape with Drew.

THE MARCH VIOLETSPart Time Punks live session of this classic band on their first US tour in something like 20 years, with Be Hussey at the helm

PEAKING LIGHTS (Domino) – Remix session by Aaron Coyne and Drew Fischer

COLD SHOWERS – Here recording their latest record with Rob and Drew at the helm

VULKANO – Recorded and Mixed a single Produced by Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights) and engineered by Drew

Peaking Lights - COSMIC LOGIC

Peaking Lights – “Breakdown” Single Released

Check out ‘Breakdown,’ the new single from Peaking Lights from their upcoming album COSMIC LOGIC (Weird World / Domino). Mixed here by Matt Thornley (DFA Records/LCD Soundsystem).

Hear the single and watch it animate

New Chapter, More Company

April here means retooling and renewing…

We are happy to announce two new studio partners!
Rob Barbato (Composer/Producer/Musician) and Drew Fischer (Recording/Mixing engineer) have collaborated on many projects together and have decided to join up with company. With them comes (no surprise here) a stack of gear, a stack of projects, and a stack of know-how. Please give them a warm welcome.


PEAKING LIGHTS (Domino) just finished mixing their record to tape with Matt Thornley at the helm.

DUCKTAILS (Domino) aka Matt Mondanile in the house cutting tracks for his new record with Drew Fischer and Be Hussey.

KEVIN MORBY (Woodsist) recording his new record here between tour dates.

BIG SEARCH currently recording a new record here.

UNITED GHOSTS tracked a stack and mixed their new EP with Drew Fischer.

GUIDES 3-song 7″ is back from the presses and is creamy white and available on July 1.

CUT CHEMIST (A Stable Sound) and MIA DOI TODD drop in for some design work.

Remember to stay hydrated.