MODERN ENGLISH – Part Time Punks Session

The classic band Modern English were in the house tracking songs from their early days. They were in town on tour celebrating their debut 4AD album “Mesh And Lace.”


CARLOS NIÑO & FRIENDS – ” Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!” Released

Last month saw the release of the new Carlos Niño & Friends record. Check out the sick strings on this one by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson recorded here by Be Hussey.


LUKE TOP – “Suspect Highs” Released

Check out the new record by Luke Top mixed here with Drew Fischer



SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS – Part Time Punks Session

SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS session! Their first ever US tour brought them to LA and they recorded a session here to be released later in 2016 on LP.


CÉU – “Tropix” Released

Recorded the strings of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on a couple tracks off the Brazilian artist CÉU record. Check out “Camadas” here: